Basics of SEO: How to Stand Out From the Riffraff and Dominate Search Engine Rankings

Even the smallest companies nowadays use the Web to set up and maintain a customer base. The Internet is fast becoming a way to correspond and interact with clients; and with the advent of new Web technology, this interaction is getting done in real time. It is not surprising that the Internet has become a main platform of marketing even for small and medium companies. Thus, they are turning to search engine optimisation (SEO) to become more visible in what has become the largest bulletin board in the world – the search engine results pages.

Any web developer worth his money should by now know about SEO for website. SEO services are now a basic complement to good web design. Basically, SEO design or SEO optimization means that a website is specially constructed so that it is more ‘visible’ for search engines, that is, it passes all criteria that the search engines use to determine a webpage’s relevance and importance to a given search.

Although it is not made known to the public what these criteria exactly are, all the major search engines have thrown in several guidelines for everyone who want to make their webpage figure in a search. Search companies use these information to help them better decide what the actual intentions or contents of your site are, and then weigh these information against a user’s search.

Broadly speaking, Google, Yahoo! and the rest of the pack are looking for specific keywords that may tell them what the site is all about, or they may look and follow the links to and from your site to determine your ‘popularity’ in cyberspace. This whole process is basically what an SEO package hopes to influence, following the guidelines of search engine companies.

Now why would your company need an SEO specialist?Well, the answer is that because you hope to become more relevant and more important to your target market. You can get an SEO proposal and quotation from a Singapore SEO consultant to know more about your options if you want to market your business online.

SEO pricing

SEO marketing (i.e. the process where you become more relevant and more important to your market) is usually offered in packages from an SEO Singapore company. Generally, it will depend on what you want to achieve and in what time frame you would to achieve results for your site. Also, pricing may be different depending on which search engine you want to focus, e.g. Google SEO vs. Yahoo SEO. Other factors are the competitiveness of your targeted keywords (i.e. the string of words that users are likely to enter in a search query); and there are also packages that incorporate web design for overall SEO optimization.

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