The Evolution of Nokia And How It Became The Leader Of The Mobile Phone Industry

From the early nineties, the growth of one mobile phone manufacturing company surpassed all the others and that was Nokia. From the nineties and in the subsequent years Nokia became one of the leading mobile phone brands of the world. With their new inventive models such as the color phones and flip phones, they became a technological giant in the mobile phone industry. However, with the advent of apple and other Android platform phones, the great era of Nokia came to a halt. And here Nokia opted for developing windows phone and launched here Nokia Lumia series of phones. These phones proved to be magical as more and more people started to use these mobile phones because of their enhanced security features. Like to unlock Nokia Lumia you need to enter a four-character passcode much like Apple iPhones.

The options of unlocking a permanently locked Nokia Lumia

However, the advent of Nokia Lumia smartphones came with a new set of problems. The major problem was the fact that you cannot simply enter the passcode to try and open the phone. You are given a limited number of chances to get the passcode right. And if you fail in all your attempts then your phone just simply gets permanently locked. And the only way to open the phone then is to go to a Nokia store. This may a lengthy and troublesome process. Thus, some online platforms have come up with the idea of an overriding unlocking code. These platforms only require the name and number of the locked mobile phone and with the help of that, they provide you an unlocking code that can actually help you in opening almost any smartphone of today’s generation.

Get the best help from the most reliable online platform

However, you must find a reliable platform to help you unlock phone. This is because if you fail to override the code then the phone simply becomes unusable. And the only platform you should get help from in this regard is movical. It is because they are the most advanced as well as the pioneer of this field so make sure to get their help from their official website.

Google Adwords Benefits For Your Business

For a long time, this has been one of the most profitable forms for businesses of all types and all sizes. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is increasingly used to boost sales and reach the right customers. There are many benefits of Google AdWords for your company, and we want to talk to you about it below.

Importance Of Adwords For Your Business

We all know that Google is the largest search engine on the Internet, and the use of the Internet as a source of profit requires using Google. If used intelligently, more benefits are obtained.

In this sense, Google AdWords makes the task of marketing much easier by attracting a large amount of traffic by using the right keywords. And when these keywords become business and sales, the traffic generated by Google AdWords also translates into profits.

Many factors contribute to AdWords success as a method for companies and websites to get their benefits. Keywords are search terms or search terms strings that, when entered in the search box, offer relevant search results for those queries.

The geographical orientation of AdWords increases the importance of campaigns even more. It is one of the most relevant and useful components of the successful application of a PPC campaign.

This determines the location where the particular advertising campaign is displayed, and therefore the ad screen can be customized by location. It also allows you to disable ads that are not necessary, all of which are features that highlight the importance they have for your business.

Google Adwords For Companies

When we talk about online marketing, we undoubtedly have to refer to Google AdWords. If we think about it, a potential customer looking for a product, service, or anything else from anywhere in the world is likely to use Google to do that search. That customer is looking for your company, and Google AdWords helps you find it.

Even if your business is small, AdWords can be a very successful method of driving traffic, marketing your product, and finally increasing your sales. It is a system that offers you secured traffic from a certain investment, therefore, the use of these campaigns come with a series of advantages and benefits for your company and the price of advertising with google adwords (โฆษณา google adwords ราคา which is the term in Thai) is allows affordable.

What is the difference between dome cameras and bullet cameras?

Installing a surveillance camera around your house can be one of the most useful things. It is often regarded as the best way to secure your family and home. But how do you know which camera would be the right one for you? It would help if you choose a surveillance camera that can match up to your required perimeters. You must know what you want so that you can proceed accordingly.

There are usually two types of surveillance cameras that are mostly used in the market: Dome cameras and Bullet cameras. Both of them have their own pros and cons and eventually bring about the benefits.

You may fear the cameras hacked, but if you implement the right security measures, it won’t be. Security is one of the main concerns for the system. As a result, it is necessary to choose a system and security measure that can match up to all your requirements.

Dome Cameras

As the name suggests, dome cameras are circular and dome-shaped. One of the most prominent benefits of having dome cameras is that they can easily blend into the environment. They have a striking design and hence can be installed in any building and are mostly found in retail stores and parking garages.


  • The rotating angle view helps to have a closer watch
  • Dome cameras can be used indoors as well as outdoors
  • The prominent shape of dome cameras can be easily installed in any surrounding area
  • One cannot determine in which direction the dome camera is working


  • Dome cameras have a small range
  • They are tough to reposition
  • The installation process for dome cameras is exceptionally complicated

Bullet cameras

Same as that of dome cameras, bullet cameras derive their name from their shape. They are cylindrical and look like a bullet. While dome cameras are not usually visible, bullet cameras can be easily noticed. The bullet cameras work best when they are installed around houses and offices to prevent someone from breaking into the building.


  • Intruders will be scared-off by it
  • Bullet cameras have a full and long-range as compared to dome cameras
  • It can be easily installed without any inconvenience.


  • No sharp video recording
  • The shape is a little unrequited
  • They are not as durable as a dome camera

Although both of them are effective, it is necessary to determine which one would suit your requirements the best. Under various circumstances, both the cameras can be used together to perform better.

Social Media Monitoring and its Importance to Your Business Organization

Almost all social media platforms and other online platforms interact with consumers. These platforms allow real-time communication with your business partners and consumers. If your business can measure the basic interaction metrics, then it’s possible to understand how your consumers are responding to your new products or services. You can also get to learn how the analysts survey and learn how the general population talks about your brand or services and products.

Here is a brief highlight of social media monitoring and how it can help your business to grow.

What’s Social Media Monitoring?

Social media monitoring is a process that entails the tracking of data and statistical measures that relate to how your current consumers and prospective customers interact with your online digital marketing platforms. The method of social monitoring can help you to determine what is said about your product or brand. Do you lack the skills to do some social monitoring?

 Worry no more! There are many social media analysis companies. These companies can help you to do some practical analysis of social media engagement with your clients.

How Does Social Media Monitoring Work?

Social monitoring relies on algorithms that are akin to those used in search engine crawlers that reach the depths of the net to crawl sites and index them. Indexed sites get searched based on strings or queries. The searches determine the measure of basic metrics on social media interactions between your clients and your company.

How Does Social Media Monitoring Improve Your Business Performance

Social monitoring can search digital media channels for phrases and keywords that relate to your brand, products, services, and business. Once you get a clear idea of how your current clients and prospective clients perceive your company or brand, there are various ways that you can respond to improve your business.

Once you have a clear public perception, then here are some insights on what you can do:

  • Based on the demographic analysis, you can determine what specific demographics think or feel about your brand.
  • With precise social monitoring specifics, you can learn what to do and how to react to your consumers on social media platforms.
  • Social monitoring can allow you to determine your return on investment when evaluating how the sales lead promote direct sales.
  • Social monitoring enables you to understand and review negative feedback. Such an analysis can help you in research and development or the improvement of products and services to suit your clients’ needs. As such, you can use social monitoring results to rectify errors in your company.
  • Social media monitoring gives you insights on how to respond to your clients. The info that you get can help you to correct some errors, which may occur within your business.
  • Most businesses deploy many digital marketing campaigns that run simultaneously on different platforms. But it’s not all the platforms that yield the desired marketing outcomes. But with social monitoring, you can know and understand the platform that produces the best results.
  • Social monitoring also enables you to determine the online marketing platforms and marketing campaigns that perform well. With such information, you can correct your digital marketing campaign. It can also help you to focus on online platforms that yield the best results in your marketing campaigns.

Social media tools and monitoring is an essential service offered by most social media analysis companies such as NetBase. The service helps your company or business to understand the perception of your business or products and services. You should hire a social media analysis firm to get the professional help that will help you to understand the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign.


WAN or extensive area network is a type of network provider that allows transmission of data, images, audio, or video over a large scale of geographical area. It is made through a combination of local area networks also known as LAN and the MAN network. This allows the user’s computer from one specific geographical area to communicate with other computers in another geographical area. It is supplemented by a private or public network or transmission system. Data transmission is carried out with the aid of hubs, switches, fiber optics, modem and routers.

Technologies involved in data transfer from one computer to another over the internet are as follows:

  1. ISND: integrated services digital network
  2. SMDS: switched multi-megabit data server
  3. SONET: synchronous optical network
  4. HDLC: high data link control
  5. SDLC: synchronous data link control

The mechanisms of wan and what are some of the basic examples of a wan network.

The concept of wan can largely be explained by the fact it uses a number of LAN network to connect to a wider range of geographical areas. Wans can be compared to a system of banks, where multiple branches in different cities are connected to each other for the purpose of sharing official information across the entire network.

Wan enterprises, like the sd wan service [บริการ sd wan, which is the term in Thai] by kirz, allows the user to share access to different applications and services. This simply makes life easier by eliminating the need to install the same application or firewall or other software units in multiple locations.

Some of the basic examples of wan are as follows:

  1. internet
  2. stock brokerages
  3. satellite systems
  4. Network providers
  5. cable companies
  6. airline companies
  7. large communication organizations

Buy a wan service from a trusted provider.

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Why SSD differs from HDD?

Many factors need to be considered while choosing a dedicated hosting solution. Selecting the right type of storage is a must. Traditionally, then the most common type of storage availability is the hard disk drive. All these drives have been here from a very long time and able to store a large amount of data at a reasonable cost. Solid-state drives are gaining popularity in recent years and particularly in the field of dedicated hosting. While choosing the best and cheap SSD hosting, you should make sure that what differences you will get either you go for SSD or for HDD. You ought to pick up the hosting system that suits your business and meet the requirements.

Which is faster?

When we make a comparison between the SSD and HDD hosting, then the determining factor is the speed. In speed, we refer to the speed at which we can access the data and avail the same to the user. HDDs comprises of metal disks that are coated with a magnet to store the data. So, the faster the disk spin, the speed of storing and accessing data increases. On the contrary, there is no moving part in SSD and provides the same basic type of storage while the data can read and write efficiently. Unlike to HDDs, the information is stored in microchips rather than mechanical parts.

Data Security and Reliability

It is necessary for any business to store and secure data to make it accessible. HDDs have moving parts and the risk of data failure is more here as compared to HDDs. The loss and corruption of data result in data failure. There is a risk of data loss in case of dynamic websites as well as the sites having a high amount of traffic.

Cost differences

As an innovative technology part, the cost of SSDs is more as compared to HDDs. A there is more cost differences, the data security, as well as storage confirmation, is also here. The cost of HDDs starts from $50, which is very affordable for any website owner as well as a business firm. But SDDs are not available at a reasonable price due to its high range of advantages.

True Move:

True Move is one the leading service providers in Thailand. It provides good internet speeds and coverage. Moreover, the affordable rates make it a preference over other service providers. Thailand is a place where countless international tourists comes every year. True Move is not only preferred by the Thais but also the international tourists as it provides good network coverage in cities and towns. The service may not be as good in the rural areas but the affordable rates and stable services in urban areas compensate the cons. True Move offers both 3G and 4G LTE services. Further, it provides its users with the option of choosing a prepaid or a post paid plan.

Packages and services

True Move is the second largest operator in Thailand. As mentioned earlier, True Move offers both 4G LTE and 3G services. It has a wide range of internet, SMS and call packages in both 4G LTE and 3G. Top ups are also available in which the SMS, calls and internet MBs will be deducted from it. Internet is essential for every socially active human. If you want to Apply for TRUE Internet package [สมัครเน็ตทรู, which is the term for Thai] then you can choose from a wide variety of fast internet packages. TRUE internet packages are very reliable and stable. You won’t have to worry being connected to the digital world.

TRUE Internet Package details:

If you want to Apply for TRUE Internet package then you will have to choose between internet packages ranging from 120 baht to 650 baht. The internet speeds provided by True Move ranges from 1 Mbps to 4 Mbps. Daily, weekly, and monthly packages are available for a user to choose from. True Move provides other bonuses also to please its users. You can always contact them on their 1242 helpline. You will have enough data and speed to freely scroll through your Instagram feed or if you’re a vlogger, True Move will be your buddy in your trip to Thailand.

Hungry Dragons – Important Hints and Guide for Every Player to Play

Hungry Dragons is an action game that is available for mobile gamers. It’s a totally new kind of dragon action based game in which players have to fly the dragons and destroy the enemy bases. In the game, several kinds of dragons are available, and these dragons have unique powers that they possess from their mouths. In the world of dragons, players have to explore so many things that will make dragons strong. Apart from the dragons, there are more animals available, and these animals use a pet in the game, and these pets help a lot to the dragons. 

There are two major currencies available in the game, and both currencies are coins and gems. Coins are the regular currency in the game, and gems are the superior currency of the game. In order to get the gems, players have to do so many struggles, and that is why players also use Hungry Dragon hack, and it is really helpful if players are looking to the Hungry Dragons enough amounts of coins. 

Important Guide and Hint for Players

Dragons are dive under the water – In some missions, enemies are underwater, and sometimes some hidden things are available in the water. That is why players can get so many things from underwater. Dragons are a flying beast, and if they are hungry, they can dive into the water, and they do not have any problems from it. Water is available in so many places on a level, and that can be easily seen in the map of the game. 

Don’t Spend Gems – as mentioned above, those gems are important for the players, and they can help players in several situations. In the game, there will be many situations that will arise when it will ask you to spend the gems, and you don’t have to follow these things. You need to save the gems for the most important things. You can spend gems for the eggs, which cost 25 gems for an egg, and with this, you can get a pet. If you are low on the gems, then you can use Hungry Dragon hack which is very helpful in giving instant gems when require. 

Play the Events – Hungry Dragons is full of events, and with these events, you can win so many huge rewards and prizes in the game. In these events, players can get coins, gems, purple eggs, and it is when the event is over. Players have to perform well if they want to get a huge reward in the game. The event battle is so hard, and the opponent is small in the event, but they are so fast and deadly. 

Open daily Chest – In the game, rewards are everywhere, and you can have them all. If you play it daily, then you can win so many rewards, and daily, you can win chest rewards as well. It’s an easy thing for every player who plays it and for this reward they don’t have to play battle and other things. 

How Mobile app helps Businesses

High technology and market research work is highly essential for developing an app to suit the need of the customers and business owners. An app is designed in such a way it should match the expectations of the common user and have to bring business to the businessmen. Hence, a mobile app developer should have the latest trend in his mind and also highly qualified technicians who can give him excellent results while developing an app. The mobile developers should think comprehensively and strategically to win the competition. An exemplary mobile developer has to cover all the inevitable features in an app so that it would attract the customers who have a smartphone.

A businessman would always think about his profit and hence the app he loves should bring him a fortune which he is expecting. Hence, the customer’s footfall and online orders should reach the maximum height and if not the hope of the owner will diminish which will bring his misfortune. So, a mobile app developer should keep these basic things in his mind while developing the app to cover both customer and owner. A customer who finds an app-friendly in nature would use it for a long time hereby the owner gets business for a long time. In contrast, the app does not work up to the expectations of the customer, the app gets lose its shine and hence the business revenue might not develop.

Nowadays, due to the development of internet technology, the businessmen do the business in an advanced way on contrary to old methods., The new method is to attract customers on the internet and hence the app of the business should have all the basic information a customer likes to view. The app should apprise the customer the details of a business in-depth, contact details, online order form and feedback button. If these features satiate the needs of the customer, then the app is said to be successful and meaningful. Hence, the mobile app developer should keep how mobile app helps businesses and accordingly the app is designed to cater to the dreams of both customer and owner.

The present business is largely based on social media and apps on the mobile. Hence, matching the modern business trend is the premier work of any mobile app developer instead of usual business technologies. A topnotch mobile business app should bring a prospective customer into the business center in a large amount so that the owner reaps a lot of business profit in a short time,

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Steps You Must Take Before Developing a Mobile App for Your Business

Developing a mobile app for businesses will take serious consideration on your part – you the business owner. To make sure that you are making the right decisions in the development process, you must think long and hard about your needs and expectations. Below are a few steps you should take to ease the process and make it worthwhile.

  • Extensively research your market

Before undertaking the development of a mobile app for your business, carry out deep research about your market. You will need this knowledge to serve a valuable app to your audience. Extensive research should help you answer the following questions. Who is your competition? What is their strategy? What are their weaknesses and strengths? How is their app unique? What do their customers say in reviews and social media?

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  • Define your target audience

Here, you must answer the following questions. Can you define your mobile app’s specific purpose? Can you clearly articulate how it is different from your website? This is usually the trickiest and hardest part. What will be the app’s major functionality? Why would anyone want to use it? Which business goals can it help you achieve? What kind of audience will benefit from it?

Honestly answering these questions will help ensure you do not waste resources on useless or redundant features.

  • Build your pre-launch buzz and marketing strategy

Your pre-launch and outreach efforts are key elements in the success of your app. You may think that marketing before development is not really essential. However, your efforts are greater in the long run if you start creating buzz early.

Here, you should define the following properties about your app. How will your colors, name, tone of content, and logo make you unique from the millions of other business apps? Ensure consistency of these across your application and all the other platforms you are on. Lastly, find your channel. Does your audience prefer video over written content? Create content based on these factors and put effort into reaching your audience in a personalized manner.

  • Ensure security measures

In case your app is going to collect sensitive information, you must include a privacy policy. This policy should cover what information will be collected and how it shall be used. The benefit of undertaking this step early is to allow yourself enough time to get all the legal consulting you might need.

In closing, going through these preparation steps will enable you to readily dive into the app development process without any distractions hence successful deployment and launching.