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SEO vs. PPC: When to Optimize and When to Pay for Traffic

SEO and PPC are two TLAs that condense the powers of Search Engine Optimization and the capabilities of Pay-Per-Click campaigns into just three letters and have become the most popular abbreviations used in online marketing.

Strategically-built SEO and PPC campaigns help website owners realize their dream of ranking among the top search engine results. 

SEO online marketing techniques help your website appear in the top results naturally whenever someone searches with a relevant key phrase.However, SEO results take time to come by. But once they do appear, you see that your website’s rank climbs steadily until it settles among the top search results. 

If you can’t wait for SEO to kick in, or you are trying to rank in a highly-competitive market, investing in a PPC campaign might be your best bet. A PPC ads campaign puts your website’s ad in front of an interested audience. And unlike conventional ads, you pay for a PPC ad only when someone clicks on it, and not just for the view. This cost is called your ad’s cost-per-click or CPC. Ready to take your online advertising to the next level? Leading Solutions offer PPC services where experts will handle from research to optimisation to help you reach the maximum ROI.

Whether you are receiving visitors by implementing an SEO strategy or through a PPC campaign, you need traffic that converts-or performs the desired action. 

The best way to rank for an interested audience is to build your SEO strategy and PPC campaign around keywords that people use while searching for your company’s offerings.

KWA or Keyword Analysis helps you identify the common search phrases in your business niche. It also gives an idea of the number of searches that each keyword gets so that you can calculate the average monthly searches or AMS of a key phrase. 

KWA and AMS join forces to help you select a set of best-performing keywords for your SEO and PPC campaigns and attract visitors who convert. 

Landau Consulting, an online marketing company in NJ helps in SEO online marketing strategy build-up and has created this infographic for you to understand the importance of SEO, PPC, and other common TLAs in online marketing

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