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When Following Another Vehicle You Should


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when following another vehicle you should

When being passed by another vehicle, you should?

Whenever another driver is passing you or indicates their intention to pass, you must maintain or reduce your speed and move over to give them space. Never speed up when another vehicle is passing you, even if you believe they should not be attempting the maneuver in the first place. Accelerating will only make the situation more dangerous!

When should you not pass another vehicle?

You should not pass another vehicle under the following conditions, except: a)on the right shoulder of the highway. b)when there is a school bus on the same roadway with flashing lights. c)when your lane is separated by a broken yellow line. d)when within 100 feet of a railroad crossing.

When looking ahead of your vehicle while driving you should?

While scanning ahead, you should always predict what other drivers may or may not do around you. Expected the unexpected to happen and always have a game plan on where you will go in an emergency situation. Don’t allow yourself to get blocked in by other vehicles. In almost all cases, you can position your vehicle for multiple escape routes.

When an approaching vehicle drifts into your lane you should?

If a driver ahead should suddenly swerve into your lane, you may have very few choices but, to avoid or reduce the severity of the crash, follow these tips:Honk your horn to alert the other driver.Don’t try to swerve to the left into his lane to avoid a crash, he may realize what he is doing and try to swerve back into his lane at ...Rather than face a head-on crash, it is better to go off the road to the right. ... More items...

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