Why MacBook Air Is a Great Device for Students

Buy MacBook Air - Apple (IN)Students require a laptop, especially after the pandemic period when education took a hit and online education became a major thing. The MacBook Air has been the preferred option for students worldwide ever since it was introduced. The MacBook Air combines stunning beauty and incredible performance. 


You will not go bankrupt


A 16-inch MacBook Pro from Apple starts at $2499, while a 14-inch MacBook Pro is available for $1999.That is well beyond the means of most pupils.


Fortunately, the MacBook Air makes it possible for you to purchase a brand-new, powerful Apple laptop for a fair price. The MacBook Air is an excellent choice for individuals on a tight budget, as it is Apple’s most affordable laptop, starting at just $999. Fortunately, if you are a qualified teacher or college student, Apple’s education Mac price for student (Mac ราคาเพื่อการศึกษา, term in Thai) will take an additional $100 off the price of.


It has the potent M1 Chip inside


Apple upgraded the MacBook Air in 2021 by adding the M1 processor. Although the previous Air’s Intel chip was not bad, the performance of the M1-equipped variant is outstanding. According to Apple, the M1 MacBook Air has up to five times quicker graphics performance than the Intel-powered variants, making it more than three times faster overall. In practical terms, this implies that games will run more smoothly and projects will load more quickly. This translates to less waiting around and more action.


Everyone has experienced the sense of having their once lightning-fast laptop perform more like a snail. Investing in a MacBook Air equipped with the M1 chip guarantees exceptional performance for an extended period.


It’s your best friend on the iPhone


You know that AirDrop can be used for more than just sending your peers memes. You can scan assignments and notes with your iPhone’s camera and AirDrop them directly to your MacBook if you are using a Mac.


If Apple Music is installed on your iPhone, the Mac has it integrated right in as well. Accessing your reminders, messages, and photographs quickly is possible when your Mac and iPhone are paired. In addition, you may copy and paste data between devices, synchronize your Apple News feed, and share Safari tabs. And that is only a cursory examination. When you pair your iPhone with a Mac, it becomes more than just a gadget. It becomes a part of a whole ecosystem. Considering that over 87% of teenagers in the US carry an iPhone around with them, purchasing a MacBook Air makes sense.


It is transportable anywhere


Certain laptops are so heavy that they may pass for folding computers. The last thing you want to haul around the school are these enormous, heavy things. While some people adore their desk weights, the majority of students will prefer something a little more stylish. Even though all of Apple’s laptops are quite lightweight, the MacBook Air prevails in this contest. It will not slow you down when you are on the go because it weighs only 2.8 pounds (1.27 kg). You should bring your laptop with you, whether you are going to your favorite coffee shop, the library, or your morning class.

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