6 stages of the freight forwarding process

6 Basic Stages of the Freight Forwarding Process - Infographic

Have you any idea about the ecommerce business? Do you want to know the phases in the freight forwarding process? 

In the ecommerce world, transporting products from one location to another is an efficient method to maintain the profits flow at the desirable rates. This is where the freight forwarder is known as the professional when offering such services. 

A freight forwarder is a firm or a person that is experienced in providing shipments for corporations or private individuals. The process of freight forwarding is completed in six different stages. 

In this article, we will tell you about the stages of the freight forwarding process. So, if you are interested in getting shipping services from freight forwarders, go now and read the article completely. 

Stage 1: Export Haulage

The first stage of the freight forwarding process is the export haulage. This is the stage where the goods are shipped by the clients and brought to the freight forwarder’s warehouse. It is based upon the geographical location, travel distance, and type of goods. This stage takes some hours to some days. 

Stage 2: Items checkpoint

Upon the good’s arrival, the freight forwarders will check everything to determine whether there are any problems or not while shipping the products to the target location.

Stage 3: Export custom clearance

Once the freight forwarders approve the shipment, it is time to clear the customers’ requirements. Before putting the products inside the carrier, you must validate the important details of the goods by the customs authorities. 

This is the stage where Amazon freight forwarders work with the customs brokers since they get the required experience in this legal activity. 

Step 4: Import custom clearance 

This stage looks like the export customs clearance. At this stage, the goods adhere to the legal requirements imposed by the other country. Therefore, it can be easily performed either by the nominated custom broker or the freight forwarder. 

Step 5: Destination arrival and handling

After clearing all the essential requirements, some important shipment forms are taken place by the freight forwarder. These forms may consist the documentation and carrier bills. This stage is often called the penultimate stage of the freight forwarding process. 

Stage 6: Import Haulage 

This is the last phase of the amazon freight process. It is the stage where the goods are transported from the receiving warehouse to the major recipient. This stage brings the goods to the intended destination that are performed by the freight forwarding or consignee by simply hauling. 


This article consists of information on the six stages of the freight forwarding process. It is concluded that all stages of the freight forwarding process are not complicated as expected. 

If you have a trusty freight forwarder with you for a long time,  then you can make the hassle process while exporting or importing the goods. If you also want to hire freight forwarders to make the shipping process more smooth, then it is suggested to must check their experience.

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