Sunday, June 26

Essential Internet Security Tips

Having access to the internet has changed the way in which we live. Unfortunately, it has also opened up the possibilities for viruses and hackers to gain access to your computer. Knowing essential internet security tips will help you to be more internet savvy in the future.

The first mistake that most people make when using the internet is giving out far too much information about themselves. Internet security is compromised by the access that people have to social media sites. These sites have become a part of people’s lifestyles, making it difficult not to include them in their lives in some way, shape or form. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having an account on any of these sites as long as you are careful about what information you put out there. Do not put your contact details up, or any other information that could be used to access your personal details. Also remember that some jobs now have a clause where they reserve the right to look up these profiles in order to see what type of person you are. Avoid having pictures that could be incriminating in any way as it could cost you a job in the future.

Public networks can often be a place where viruses and hackers like to play. When joining a free wireless network make sure that it is from an accredited source. Sometimes, these networks are set up purely for the purpose of passing a virus onto your computer. If you are at a restaurant, check with your waiter what the Wi-Fi name and password are before connecting to anything. Remember, financial transactions should never be conducted over a public network. Any personal and financial details should be shared on a network that you know for a fact is secure, preferably one that you have set up at home.

Get an anti-virus installed on your computer. If you have not installed one already, this is essential before linking up your computer to any internet sites. However, once you have installed the anti-virus, you need to ensure that you keep it updated properly. Also be wary of any pop ups that come up while scrolling the internet, that state you need to upgrade anything, these are often scams and viruses. Normally your anti-virus will update itself, unless you have set specific settings on your computer to request permission for any updates. In fact, this is another internet security tip that will avoid viruses. Simply set up access permissions on your computer to avoid any updates happening without your knowledge. It will also help to keep your Data usage down, which will save you money in the long run.

There are many ways in which you can protect yourself from internet problems. One thing that you should consider is using an internet service provider that will give you access to the best internet options out there. Getting high speed internet is important if you want to avoid problems.

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