WAN or extensive area network is a type of network provider that allows transmission of data, images, audio, or video over a large scale of geographical area. It is made through a combination of local area networks also known as LAN and the MAN network. This allows the user’s computer from one specific geographical area to communicate with other computers in another geographical area. It is supplemented by a private or public network or transmission system. Data transmission is carried out with the aid of hubs, switches, fiber optics, modem and routers.

Technologies involved in data transfer from one computer to another over the internet are as follows:

  1. ISND: integrated services digital network
  2. SMDS: switched multi-megabit data server
  3. SONET: synchronous optical network
  4. HDLC: high data link control
  5. SDLC: synchronous data link control

The mechanisms of wan and what are some of the basic examples of a wan network.

The concept of wan can largely be explained by the fact it uses a number of LAN network to connect to a wider range of geographical areas. Wans can be compared to a system of banks, where multiple branches in different cities are connected to each other for the purpose of sharing official information across the entire network.

Wan enterprises, like the sd wan service [บริการ sd wan, which is the term in Thai] by kirz, allows the user to share access to different applications and services. This simply makes life easier by eliminating the need to install the same application or firewall or other software units in multiple locations.

Some of the basic examples of wan are as follows:

  1. internet
  2. stock brokerages
  3. satellite systems
  4. Network providers
  5. cable companies
  6. airline companies
  7. large communication organizations

Buy a wan service from a trusted provider.

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