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Features of HONOR MagicBook Pro

After MagicBook almost the MX discrete graphics portable laptop market, HONOR launched the 16.1-inch HONOR MagicBook Pro. HONOR MagicBook Pro price on the UK website is 849.99 pounds. MagicBook Pro has the high expectations. Will it give us more surprises?

High Quality Screen

With 16.1-inch body, it is not less portable than 15.6-inch portable laptop.

MagicBook Pro uses a 16.1-inch high color gamut screen designed with four ultra-narrow borders. This size is popular among people. On the one hand, it is a little bigger than 15.6 inches and feels more comfortable. On the other hand, it will not lose its portability like 17.3 inches. In addition, the high color gamut screen is of great help to both photo/image processing and the cultivation of users’ visual aesthetics.

MagicBook Pro has not lost its portability because of its slightly larger screen. The depth size (width) of this machine is smaller than that of most 15.6-inch models with the same configuration on the market. So the portability is good. The 1.7 kg weight of this machine is light among a great number of 15.6-inch models with similar configurations. In short, with a 16.1-inch screen with more comfortable visual effects, users do not have to pay any extra price.

Full performance release is the biggest bright spot.

The vast majority of 14-inch MX portable books, in fact, cannot achieve some point. It can’t achieve “full performance release” under double high loads (such as playing games). The main reason is the low heat dissipation specification.

However, MagicBook Pro does not have this problem. It is one of the few models on the market that can release full performance! The design of double heat pipes and double fans provides a solid guarantee for its full performance output!

The Cinebench R20 scored 1422c. Media Encoder CC 2019 video transcoding takes 4 minutes and 43 seconds. The 10th generation Core “Big Throttle Processor” i5 10210U also takes 4 minutes and 35 seconds. MagicBook Pro’s AMD Ryzen 5 4600H score is close to it. Blender rendering takes 13 minutes and 27 seconds. This result even surpasses the performance of i5 10210U, which is very outstanding.

The endurance of the computer is a concern of many people. This computer can last up to 11 hours a day. Of course, if you are playing games, you may not be able to last that long. But the 65W wired charger equipped with you can charge 50% of the electricity in half an hour. This charging speed can make your laptop more convenient to use.

MagicBook Pro also comes with ultra-high speed SSD storage drives. Its read speed is 8 times that of a normal SATA protocol driver. Dual-channel 16 GB memory makes it easy to start multiple applications.

Generally speaking, this notebook still has many advantages. If you want to buy a laptop, MagicBook Pro is a good choice.

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