Top 12 most asked questions on Brazil employee monitoring laws

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1. Is employee monitoring legal in Brazil?

Yes, the company can monitor the daily activities of the employees without violating the privacy of the employees or any labour laws. The company will have to compensate the employees for any damages to the moral image, if any.

2. Is it legal to monitor a company’s computers?

Yes, the company can monitor the employees’ computers for any work not related to the business of the company.  The employees need to be informed about the control that the company would have.

3. Is it legal to monitor employee internet and social media activities?

The employer has the right to ensure that the internet is used only for office purposes and not for personal uses.

4.  Is it legal to monitor screen contents and keystrokes?

Every activity carried out can be monitored on the work computer and it is legal

5. Is it legal to monitor email content?

Yes, it is legal and clear policies are set that indicate corporate emails are only for pure official purpose.  Action may be taken against employees if the corporate email is use for any other purposes. All needed information you an also find here

6. Is it legal to monitor or record phone conversations?

Yes, many BPOS monitor and record phone conversations for quality purposes. The monitoring procedure should not however affect the fundamental right of employees.

7. Is it legal to use video monitoring systems in the workplace?

Yes, the video systems are used however there are limitations with regards to the same.  Every individual has the right to private life, image and privacy which needs to be respected.

8. Is it legal to monitor private messages and email content? 

Yes, the company has clear policies that allow receiving and sending emails and private messages on devices of the company during working hours and also after that.

9. Is it legal to monitor employees’ personal devices? 

Yes, the employee cannot use the official computers for any personal uses.  Transparency is important and the right measures need to be taken.

10. Is it legal to monitor employees’ personal computers? 

Yes, it is legal.   However, personal information of the individual is violated, then it is considered unlawful.

11. Is it required to inform employees of the monitoring? 

Yes, it is imperative to monitor the employees and companies should inform employees in advance about the monitoring processes.

12. Employee monitoring policy – mandatory or not? 

Yescompanies can create the right documentation with regards to handbooks, monitoring policies and so on which lays down proper rules with regards to company property use. Visit our site

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