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There aren’t a lot of satellite companies which provide the customers with TV options. You have only two choices in hand which are DISH and DIRECTV. However, these options aren’t exactly bad. Both of them offer multiple packages and interesting features to the customers. So, you should make your decision depending on the type of package and the services that you wish to opt for. So, let us see what Satelite TV is all about and what are the advantages of getting satellite TV connection for your house:

What is a satellite TV?

A satellite TV is a type of premium television whose availability of channels is quite similar to that of cable TV. The cost is also quite similar. However, unlike cable TV, satellite TV functions in a completely different way. Cable TV offers its services by means of coaxial cable lines while Satellite TV uses orbiting satellites to broadcast radio signals which are then transmitted as TV signals to the antennas.

These signals are then received by a dish or antenna that is connected to the house of the customer. Because of the kind of technology used, Satelite TV can be used anywhere and in any corner of the world. These days, satellite TVs are being extremely popular in the market and more and more people are opting for satellite TV because of its performance and availability in remote locations.

How does the satellite TV function?

The satellite TV is just another alternative to the standard TV services. The Satelite TV consists of a receiver in the form of a satellite dish. The satellite dish will convert the signals into audio and videos and the signals will then be transmitted to the television located at your houses. Satellite TV delivers high-quality picture and sound. It also comes with a wide variety of packages. A satellite TV mainly consists of a Wi-Fi modem, router, dish and internet-connected device. Your installation technician will provide you with the satellite dish and place it in such a way that it provides you with high quality services.

How is Satelite TV different from cable TV?

Satellite TV uses satellite dish signal receivers for receiving signals from the satellites whereas cable TV transmit signal by using wired coaxial cable lines. Satellite TVs are serviceable in some of the most remote locations of the country but you will find cable TVs only in the urban regions that are located near to the distribution point. Satellite TV services are not very reliable. They can be affected by harsh weather conditions causing TV outage. Satellite TV, however, remains unaffected even during harsh weather conditions.

Satellite TV services are provided by DISH and DIRECTV while there are multiple operators who will provide you with cable TV services. The method of installation is also quite different. In case of satellite TV services, a dish will be attached to the roof of your house while for cable TV, cable lines will have to be connected to the room where you would like to keep your TV.

Which television is better: cable TV or satellite TV?

Satellite TV services are better for the rural customers. It will offer them with high quality television services. However, people living near the distribution point can easily opt for cable TV. Cable TV has the advantage of offering multiple deals to the customers. It is also quite popular because of its ease of cancellation. No contract service is involved.

Both satellite TV and cable TV have multiple channel options available and you will also be provided with a huge array of packages to choose from. The picture quality is also quite satisfactory in both the cases. So, your choice will mostly depend on the location where you will require the services.

Which satellite TV service provider should you opt for?

Your choice of satellite service provider will depend on the kind of features you are looking for. If you wish to get the best channel selection, then DIRECTV is the option for you. However, if you wish to save money, then you should definitely go for DISH. DISH satellite services will lock your price for 2 years while DIRECTV will raise your price significantly in two years. Both the satellite providers will lock you into a two-year contract. Both of them also have a termination period. Using DIRECTV, you will be able to enjoy a huge variety of channels including regional sports channels.

Opt for bundle satellite services at cheap prices:

With bundle satellite services, you can enjoy unlimited internet facility along with your satellite TV service. Both DISH and DIRECTV work with some of the most reputed internet service providers in your area and provide you with TV and internet services. Depending on which internet service providers are available in your area, you will be able to obtain internet service for yourself. You will also be able to combine your TV package with an attractive internet package and this will help you to save a lot of money. 

So, opt for bundle satellite services today itself and excellent satellite TV services along with fast internet connection. 

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