Steps For Success for United kingdom National Phase Patent Application

By 28 May 2010, patent applicants can request their United kingdom national phase use of their Worldwide Patent Application (PCT) to become fast tracked. To entitled to the steps for success route, all claims contained in the applying on admission to the nation’s phase should have been examined. In addition, the Worldwide Preliminary Set of Patentability (IPRP) for that PCT must be positive, meaning there aren’t any objections to novelty, inventive step and industrial applicability elevated within the IPRP.

This steps for success route pertains to existing PCT applications that have already joined the United kingdom national phase and then any PCT applications entering the nation’s phase from 28 May 2010 onwards.

To request the acceleration, the request will be produced in writing, indicating the application has gotten an optimistic IPRP. No further reasons are needed. It’s advised that correspondence associated with acceleration application ought to be marked clearly to assist the United kingdom Ip Office identifying correspondence associated with faster applications.

When the application is received, a patent examiner will think about the request and ensure if the request ought to be granted or declined, with reasons given when the latter is made the decision. When the request is granted, the United kingdom IPO will accelerate the applying process and can try to check out the application within 2 several weeks of delivery of the request faster examination. The typical chance for voluntary amendment is going to be available after publication of the first Examination Report.

Because to the fact that the factors of fast tracking the United kingdom national phase requires no objections to make to novelty, inventive step or industrial applicability within the IPRP, we anticipate a restricted quantity of patent application qualified with this steps for success system.

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