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Is Pay Per Call Lead Generation Good For Everyone?

Pay per call lead generation is like a mystery to most of the business. However, to whom to complain, the world of digital marketing has been known to come with different buzzwords that sound cool and mysterious. So, let us demystify pay per call lead generation and how you can use it for your business. 

What Is Pay Per Call Lead Generation Campaign?

Pay per call lead generation is an efficient way used by top digital internet marketing agencies. It is a type of performance marketing tactic where an advertiser would pay the publisher for quality calls generated on behalf of the advertiser. Pay per call tracks calls the same way performance networks track clicks. 

You have to create a marketing campaign and bring customers to connect over the call. A publisher then launches these call-based campaigns and gets credit for calls they generated. No matter how cool it sounds, it is one of the most difficult ways of lead generation and thus would usually go for SEO services for the business. But that doesn’t mean it is not fruitful. It all depends on the talent of advertisers how efficiently they can drive traffic. 

What You Need Consider Before Availing Of A PPC Campaign?

Your Profit Margins

The pay per call lead generation is not as simple as SEO services. Since you pay for each lead generation, you need to make crucial calculations such as how much you are going to earn through each lead conversion. Is your profit margin suitable to sustain pay per call lead generation alongside generating hefty profit?  You have to make sure you get a better ROI, as not every lead is going to convert into a sale. 

Conversion Rates

Another thing to consider is to check how many calls you can convert into sales. The conversion rate will determine the success of the campaign. See how many calls you have to make before it converts into a potential customer, normally. Your Conversion rate will tell you if you are going to make any hefty profit by running a PPC campaign. Top digital internet marketing companies usually give you the KPIs and the cost breakdown to plan the campaigns better. 

Cost Per Call

The amount you need to pay per call lead generation is another factor to consider before availing of service. However, there is no set price for running a lead generation campaign. To be exact, the charge depends mostly on the industry. The charges will be different if you are selling regionally or nationally. Moreover, the average value of your customer will also determine the amount you have to pay for each lead generation. However,  the pay per call is still a powerful lead generation tool that allows you to reach wider audiences.  

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